Podcasts are a popular way to stay in touch with and grow your audience. Beyond Creative offers podcast production with a purpose; working side-by-side with you to design your podcast with intentionality, script support, post-production editing and web hosting of your podcast on our Soundcloud. Best of all? Our podcast equipment travels! Whether you want to record in the office or at your kitchen table, lets make your podcast dreams come true Check out our podcasts here! https://soundcloud.com/tcproj

Visual Arts Class

Students in this course will gain the basic skills and insights necessary to create art that are both acurate and expressive. Students will explore graffiti as a voice and form of expression, painting, sketching and collages. Students will gain confidence in their own vision and their ability to draw what they see.

Beat-Making/Production Class

The Beat Making/ production course mission is to inspire and teach students skills in music production. Students will practice the translation of musical ideas through processes of improvisation and refinement and introduce them to the fundamentals of melody, rhythm and harmony, while also acclimating them to the hardware and software interfaces used in producing digital music (keyboard/pad controllers and computer programs) bringing absolute beginners to a degree of understanding and tactility so they are able produce music independently.


Whether you’re getting ready for an audition, or sprucing up your website, we offer reasonably priced headshots for people of all ages (we can do family photos too!). Here’s just a few recent examples. Contact us to get more information or book a session!

Event Photography

Do you need a photographer (or 2) for an upcoming event! Fill out this quick form to let us know more about your needs and our Production Manager will be in touch with you soon!

PSAs and Commercials

Our youth producers can give your organization a creative edge! Contact us today to find out more about hiring Beyond Creative to develop compelling Public Service Announcements and commercials like this first one about supporting SNAP for all families!

Video Solutions

Here is just a few examples of the excellent organizational and individual profile videos our Youth Producers can create for your newsletters, events, conferences, or fundraising needs! To request more information about getting your own video made, fill out this short intake form and our Production Manager will be in touch with you soon!